PowerShell - Get Multiple IP Address, Subnet, DNS, MAC and more

Isn’t it funny that the ‘Hello World’ of PowerShell, the Great Grand-Daddy of ‘here’s a real world example’ found in online tutorials and books everywhere happened to be just the thing that we actually needed at work today.

We have many servers in over 30 countries and sometimes you need to very quickly get disk info, or IP info or..you get the idea. Well, today was the straw that broke the camels back as they say and I decided to write my own ‘Hello World!’ One of the requirements we had was to report multiple IP addresses \ network info which this script does.

Its very imaginatively entitled, ‘Get-ComputerInfo’ which brings back quite a bit of info; but if you need more, you can add the -Detailed switch for even more shenanigans.

You can also pipe to it – great for ‘get-adcomputer | get-computerinfo -detailed’ type fun. Try piping it to export-csv for a quick and crude method of documenting your servers!

You can take a look at it here.